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Update – April 21, 2014 – In order to, hopefully, make this website easier to navigate, comments have been moved to a separate page on this website. Please find us there. Thanks.

The following are comments sent by people who have signed the Open Letter.

As people who love the Creator, let us realize how our actions affect ALL She creates and join a global movement that advocates for the health of the earth.
– Hannah Enns

I sign this letter because I am inspired to be part of a process, however imperfect and small, that will invite members of our Mennonite community into an awareness that is vital to our continued justice and peace work. The first steps towards redemptive change may be small, but when many step together, ripples and blooms are seen.
– Katie Doke Sawatzky

I use fossil fuels of course but would like to have other options offered that use less. So to invest in making the fossil fuel industry stronger is nonsensical. We need to stop exploration of fossil fuels and look at diminishing our consumption of energy and consumption in general of goods. Let’s invest in alternative cleaner energies.
– Luke Martin

Seeking right relationship with God, our brothers and sisters, and the earth means fossil fuel divestment.
– Laura Dyck

Leaders need help sometimes to set policy direction. All of us are struggling to make changes personnally and professionally. If we had strong visible leadership on this issue who kows where this will lead.
– Brent Gouthro

Divestment is for our generation what conscientious objection was for our grandparents. The war against creation is being waged with our dollars now, not our bodies.
– Marcus Rempel

Faith calls us to action, and it is time for the church to take action about climate change.
– Sara Brubacher

To live at peace means living peacefully with the people around us, the animals and birds around us, the plants around us, even the soil and the insects around us. The way many of our churches are operating now is perpetuating violence against the planet as we presume to be superior and dominate rather than realize our deep dependence on all of creation.
Thank you for this initiative.
– Amy Peters

The situation is urgent and we must do what we can to make changes.
– Stan Olson

If we want to change this world for the better, we have to make the necessary changes first within ourselves and our communities.
– Anna-Marie Epp-Janzen

Where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also. Treasure invested in fossil fuels means destruction of God’s world and God’s people.
– Mark Bigland-Pritchard

I heartily endorse the Open Letter to MC Canada. An intense carbon based future is an agenda of big corporations and makes no sense to the health of our earth, of which we are part.
– Wayne MacDonald

Climate change is a moral issue, and as people of faith we are called to love our neighbours, not make their lives impossible.
– Christine Penner Polle

I began researching likely effects of forecasts of climate change in 1984. I contributed to IPCC’s [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] assessments for which that organization was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.
– Henry Reiger

A small but significant way to connect values and finances and challenge the divide between conscience and capitalism.
– Joe Heikman

Climate change is happening. May God guide us on how we can help to save our environment. We all need to do our part.
– Helen Rempel

We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and support our First Nations in their efforts in this area as protectors of the earth.
– Lorne Brandt

This is an important issue for our faith community to address.
– Evelyn Rempel Petkau

This is really only one small step; there are more.
– Bill Block

2 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. there is no information any where about how much money MC Canada pension invests in fossil fuel companies, what percentage that is of the total, in which companies the pension money is invested. I am assuming that since we are asking them to divest, MC Canada’s pension plan currently has some investments in fossil fuel companies, but there is no information about this.


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