Fossil Free Menno is about a big problem, a medium-sized denomination and a simple spirited idea.

The problem is climate change, the denomination is Mennonite Church Canada, and the idea is a refusal to invest in the companies that profit most from destruction of the climate.

Fossil Free Menno is not an organization with grandiose visions, but an opportunity to sign a little letter—the Open Letter on this site. It is an imperfect, incomplete step by people who believe the church must lead.

It is a call, a prayer, a small step of faith.

At the core of Fossil Free Menno is the hope, angst and care of all those who have signed the Open Letter. Scroll down or see the menu bar above to sign and to see who else has signed.

From the Fossil Free Menno ad hoc coordinating group:
– Katie Doke Sawatzky, Vancouver
– Kenton Lobe, Winnipeg
– Stephanie Janzen-Martin, Waterloo
– Steve Heinrichs, Winnipeg
– Will Braun, Morden, MB

Updated April 25, 2014 – For the complete list of signatories, see the Signatories page. The list below is not complete.
Updated July 2, 2014 – This page provides a summary and welcome. Although this initial info is dated from several months ago (and has not changed), other parts of the website are updated regularly (and sometimes daily). Please check these pages for more current information and resources. Thank you.