Open Letter

Click here to read the Open Letter to Mennonite Church Canada leadership regarding fossil fuel divestment.

Update on the Open Letter to MCCanada
Oct 3, 2014

We, the FFM ad hoc coordinating committee, have received a number of requests for clarification regarding the Open Letter to MCCanada, and what the next steps will be. In particular, one question that has been raised is in regards to the stated date in the open letter (which was posted in Dec 2013), which lists Assembly 2014 as the point at which some concrete steps will take place in terms of the divestment issue.

We are now past Assembly 2014 and, while divestment was discussed (, “Thursday evening business part 2”), it is clear that we have not achieved a positive divestment vote from MCCanada yet. Despite that, the process is continuing in what we believe to be a positive manner, and we are still actively encouraging people to sign the Open Letter and show their support for divestment and reinvestment to MCCanada.

Given that we already have 175 people who have signed the letter in its present form, we are not able to change the letter to adjust to the present context and adjusted timeframe. However, we believe that MCCanada is taking the issue seriously, and is looking to the FFM website, among other sources, to assess the will of the MCCanada constituency on this issue.

Therefore, we ask that you continue to sign and spread the word – despite the fact that it cites Assembly 2014 – while focussing on the content and spirit of the letter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your support on this issue.

The FFM ad hoc coordinating committee

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