Sign Here

If you wish to add your name to the list of MC Canada-connected people who have already signed the Open Letter, email

In response to some questions, we are clarifying the question of children – with apologies for not having a more clear policy earlier. Children are welcome to sign (eg if a family wants to sign together) at their parents’ discretion. Please include an age for under-18s. It is their future at stake, and we want to give them the option to support a clean future as well.

Put “sign me up,” or something equally logical, in the subject line. Also, please include your home congregation or the congregation you are most connected to or were most recently connected to. Include additional relevant affiliations if you wish.

If you wish, please add a brief statement in the comments section of this website about why you want to sign – or email it to us and we will gladly add your comments for you.

Please encourage others (family, friends, congregation, coworkers etc) to sign as well. We are working on some social media resources (Facebook, LinkedIn) to help you spread the word. Please let us know what would be helpful for us to do to help you bring others on board. Thanks.

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