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January 26, 2016

Hello again,

After a bit of a slowdown here – we were seeing very little traffic come out way for a while – it is great to see interest picking up again! Not sure if it’s the Paris climate conference or something else, but we are thrilled either way.

So, to all supporters of FossilFreeMenno, let’s build on this support and make some changes! Sign your name, (if you haven’t already), spread the word, talk in your congregations and let’s be the most sustainable denomination that we can be. 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We’re happy to help.

Stephanie for the ad hoc committee

May 5, 2015

Hello all supporters of Fossil-Free Menno. We have great news from Mennonite Savings and Credit Union in Ontario. Please see the following announcement:

“Vancity Investment Management (VCIM) has fully divested from oil and gas companies within the IA Clarington Inhance Global Equity SRI Class. This fund has no coal, oil or gas holdings and holds 7.6% in renewable energy and clean technology companies. Mennonite Savings and Credit Union (MSCU) is excited to offer this fossil fuel free option as part of our suite of socially responsible investments. This fund reflects our core values as a Mennonite financial cooperative and is a great way for our members to care for creation with their investments!”

For more information, go to:
VCIM Insight newsletter –
MSCU Investing –

March 23, 2015

Hello all supporters of Fossil Free Menno!

We want to thank you for your support so far, and to give you an update on the process to date. Our understanding is that MCCanada has agreed to support a working group to examine the question of divestment more seriously. We see this as an excellent sign that we are moving in the right direction.

However, MCCanada does not have funding for the working group – which is where you come in. The estimate at present is that the working group will need about $3500 in order to do the work that is required. That will cover some travel etc for one face-to-face meeting, for example, although the bulk of the work will be done via email and phone calls.

MCCanada and the working group would like to start this phase of the process as soon as possible, but the funding is required before it begins. Are you willing to consider chipping in a few dollars towards this? If so, please direct your cheque directly to Mennonite Church Canada, with a note that it is for the “Climate Change Working Group.”

As an additional option, it is now possible to donate online at the MCCanada website:

Please support this initiative – and spread the word!

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

The FFM ad hoc committee

PS We don’t have a firm figure for the amount that has been given so far, but the donations and pledges that we know about put us more than halfway towards our goal.

Feb 2, 2015

There are plenty of great ways to continue to get involved, and we appreciate your support.

1) We are still looking for many more individual signatories to add to our list. Don’t delay. Please add your support. 🙂

2) Congregational Support – There are plenty of things that your congregation can do:
– Sign your name to the petition as a congregation
– Support Divest Waterloo, especially for those of you in SW Ontario. You may, in particular, like their current project:

3) Support and engage with the Global Divestment Day activities – coming up Feb 13-14, 2015! Join an activity in your area, start a new activity in your area, use the occassion to discuss divestment in your congregation and/or other circles.

Ultimately, whichever way you choose to get involved, simply choosing to get invovled is the first step!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Sept 24, 2014

The climate change resolution presented by Mark Bigland-Pritchard at Assembly 2014 was referred to the General Board for processing. At its meeting immediately following Assembly, the General Board (GB) asked Mennonite Church Canada’s Executive Staff to prepare a recommendation to the GB (at its mid-November meetings) on how best to proceed with the resolution. The Executive Staff have discussed the resolution at a number of meetings in preparation for the GB discussion in November. An MC Canada news release immediately following that discussion will report the GB’s decision on how it intends to move forward with the resolution.’

May 22, 2014

We have reached 125 signatures! We would now like to ask each of you to talk to family, friends and coworkers, and encourage them to sign as well. If each of the 125 of us each encourages/convinces a couple of people to sign (or more, if you are able), and they each recruit a couple of people to sign, momentum will spread quickly and we will achieve our goal of a fossil fuel free Mennonite community in Canada, and eventually, a fossil fuel free world. Thank you for being part of this movement. We couldn’t do it without you!

April 22, 2014

Greetings to all you who have lent your names and good vibes to the Fossil Free Menno initiative.

If you’ll overlook the name-dropping and celebrity factor . . . Bill McKibben—the key guy behind the international fossil fuel divestment campaign—has this message for you:

Mennonites are known in the Christian community for their peace witness. We need the Mennonite Church to step up and engage the greatest issue of violence that humanity has ever faced – the destruction of the earth through human-induced climate change.

The time has come to both speak and live for peace with costly action.
-Bill McKibben

With that we invite you to recruit more people to sign the open letter calling on Mennonite Church Canada to study divesting its pension fund holdings in the 200 largest fossil fuel companies.

All the info is here.

Or if you’re into Facebook, we’re there too. And look for us on LinkedIn.

We’re past the 100-name hurdle, but there must be a bunch more folks willing to sign on.

If you have other ideas for spreading the word, or want to pitch in in any way, let us know.

In the wake of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and predictions of severe global hunger ahead, it’s time to act.

The Open Letter is a small start, but it’s something. . . and something collective. And of course it in no way precludes other options and actions.

Let’s spread the word.


From the Fossil Free Menno ad hoc coordinating group:
– Katie Doke Sawatzky, Vancouver
– Kenton Lobe, Winnipeg
– Stephanie Janzen-Martin, Waterloo
– Steve Heinrichs, Winnipeg
– Will Braun, Morden, MB

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