What’s Next?

Divestment from fossil fuels – coupled with investment in renewable energy – is a fundamentally important issue, one which becomes more critical every day. However, also acknowledge that divestment is only one piece of what is required if us in order to be truly sustainable. Time is of the essence in tackling this issue, and, while the primary focus of this site is to encourage divestment within Mennonite Church Canada, we can not wait for divestment to happen before tackling the issue of climate change from other directions as well. There are many great things that individuals, groups and institutions within Mennonite Church Canada are already doing to live sustainably – and many more things that are waiting to be done.  This page is a place to share what has already been done (including what has worked and what has been learned), to collaborate with others towards shared goals, and to help Mennonites live sustainability in a wide variety of ways.

On this page, we invite you to post examples of what you as individuals, groups and/or congregations have been doing in your Creation Care efforts. Have you put solar panels on your church roof? Do you have a community garden or do canning projects together in the church kitchen? Do you build Creation Care into your SS curriculum? Anything else? Share your successes and learning here – and also feel free to ask for ideas or help from others who perhaps have experience in something that you are about to tackle.

Feel free to post a comment, or email your comments to us. Please note in your subject heading which page your comments are for (eg “Congregational Action” or something equally clear) to distinguish them from the signatory emails, and we will post them for you. Thanks!

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